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1. Missing Guide. $30.00 per guide + parts. (Wire snake guides are less than a stripping guide) Includes matching as closely as possible to original wraps on rod, varnish and color preserver if necessary.

2. Re-gluing loose ferrules. $50.00 per ferrule for un-pinned, $75.00 for pinned.  This includes cleaning of ferrule and ensuring function i.e. tightness, gluing with structural epoxy, re-pinnning if needed and re-wrapping to match existing wraps. 

3. Ferrule replacement.  $75.00 plus parts if a matching ferrule can be found.  If a ferrule needs to be fabricated, and additional fee of $75.00 will be charged. 

4. Handle repair. Clean and repair missing pieces as needed- $50.00

5. Handle replacement- $100.00 plus parts.  Cork is about $2.00 per ring and handles need between 10 and 14 rings depending on style.  This includes pulling existing reel seat, removal of old cork, gluing and shaping new cork for handle to match original. Re-setting old reel seat. If there is damage to reel seat that needs attention or replacement, this will be assessed on initial estimate and there will be an additional charge for labor and parts. 

6. Delaminated Splines. Estimate only. 

7. Scarfing new piece onto broken section. Estimate only.

8. Complete overhaul. Includes completely stripping old varnish, re-wrapping all guides with silk or nylon thread to closely match original, clean and repair handle (total handle replacement will be an additional charge) clean and ensure function of reel seat, varnish all guide wraps (color preserver is available for an additional charge) dip full rod in varnish, 3 coats. 

  • 2 piece 1 tip, $300.00 plus parts

  • 2 piece 2 tip, $350.00 plus parts

  • 3 piece 1 tip, $350.00 plus parts

  • 3 piece 2 tip, $400.00 plus parts

9. Minor overhaul, estimate only. Replace parts as needed, clean and polish varnish, re-wrap or replace guides as needed, glue ferrules and ensure function as needed.​

10. Fabricate missing section. Determine as closely as possible original taper of missing section. Match cane to original and plane a new section to match.  Replace or fabricate ferrules (additional fee to fabricate parts). Fabricate reel seat and cork grip on butt sections. Wrap guides with thread to match original. Dip varnish sections.

  • Tip section- $350.00 plus parts

  • Mid and Butt Sections- $300.00 plus parts. 

11. Straighten crooked sections. Estimate only. ​

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