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I believe balance is essential in making a bamboo rod the perfect extension of a fishermans arm. I start with time proven tapers from the great masters of bamboo rod making. I like tapers that have a mild to medium swell in the butt, a strong yet flexible mid-section and a somewhat light tip to protect delicate tippets.  This style of rod can throw tight loops with great accuracy in close and still has the backbone to throw a lot of line when needed.  The added cane in the butt not only allows the fisherman to land fish quickly, it makes the rod balance better in the hand and gives it a lighter feel.  I recognize that there are many different styles and conditions.  I will work with clients to build the rod that will maximize their fly fishing experience. 

Every High Plains Rod is handcrafted from the highest quality aged Tonkin cane.  The bamboo for each rod is individually selected so that the unique qualities of the cane ensures the desired action in the finished rod. 

Carefully following the natural grain pattern, the culm is hand split into pencil thin strips. The strips are then hand-planed into 60 degree triangles, bound into bundles and baked at 375 degrees in a five-foot long oven. 

This heat treatment evenly tempers and colors each strip, producing a rod with superior strength and resiliency. 

The rod develops an incrementally stiffer action and darker color the longer it is left in the oven.  If a faster action and a darker, mottled color is desired, the culm is pre-treated (flamed) with a torch prior to going into the oven. 

I build rods in lengths from 4'6" to 8'6" in line weights from 3 to 8. 

I start with classic tapers as a foundation for my rod building. 

Over time, I have adapted these tapers to better suit my casting style and the fishing I do here in Colorado.  However, I will work with each client to build a rod suited to your desires. 

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